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Join Barbara Brennan, experienced Shamanic Practitioner, in participating in your


This review will only focus on everything positive you have done in this lifetime.

We’ll spend the day learning to do a shamanic journey - find your power animals who will accompany you on your journey to begin the life review process.

You may think “Why do this now – isn’t this done at the end of life?” No, just think how freeing this will be and how this exercise can free you and empower you – when the end does arrive, you will only bring the positive with you which will make a huge difference in your next experience!

Life review focusing only the positive - I am offering this service either individually on in a workshop setting.

The individual session can be done remotely via Zoom

The session will be comprised of Introduction to Life review, background on benefits of doing a life review now while alive and healthy.

Ceremony to transmute negative energy accumulated during this lifetime

Then introduction to Shamanic journeying - this will be how we open the door to your life