Barbara B Brennan,

Celtic Shamanic Practitioner

Contact Barbara for the following services:

Book Online

  • Introduction to Shamanism and Introduction to shamanic journeying ($65) Book Online

    • ZOOM - Introduction to Celtic Shamanism  - a general background to how shamanism started followed by some background on Celtic Shamanism and its roots. After a short break Barbara will provide guidance  on the steps in learning to perform a shamanic journey on your own. 


    • 1 session of 3 hours

      • Find your power animal

      • Learn to navigate in other worlds

      • Establish powerful relationship with Gaia and all that live upon her

      • Through guided journeys become comfortable with journeying on your own and its benefits

  • DIVINATION  ($45)- Book Online Barbara will journey to find answers to your questions – 

  • SOUL RETRIEVAL  ($45)- Book Online Barbara will journey to retrieve parts of your soul that left during times of personal trauma or fear – called Soul Retrieval (more than one soul piece may have left during different life episodes)

  • EXTRACTION ($100 - this is advanced shamanic work)- Email to arrange an appointment. Barbara will journey to remove unwanted energies that are taking up space within you – this unwanted energies can be hiding within you for a long time - they sap you of your own energy and like to try and get you to take on behaviors they once enjoyed - e.g., drinking, hanging out in bars, smoking, drugs, swearing. If you take on these behaviors and they are foreign to you, you may need to have these entities extracted. 


I do not wish to have someone not be able to benefit from this, so there is a range for fees, based on the service whether remote or in person. A payment plan can also be arranged in advance especially if you would like more than one service. Packages of more than one service will also reduce the fee.

All services can be done remotely – which means, I can do the work from anywhere and you can remain wherever you are!


Energy Exchange: Book online

via ZOOM individual and/or group or work can be done remotely

  • Intro to Shamanic Journeying  ( 3 hr compressed workshop $45-) More extensive background and practice journeying $50 per session)  Email if you are interested in a group session.

  • Divination - Request for healing, or anything else that you would like some answers

($45 per session)

Soul Retrieval – ($45 per retrieval – reduce by $10 for each additional retrieval- no charge or donation)

  • Extraction – removal of unwanted energies taking up residence in your body ($100). This is more advanced shamanic work.

Alexandria, VA, USA

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