Greetings! I really am wondering what to talk about or share in this blog. It’s a wintry day out and a good time to draft a blog. But what about? Perhaps, I can tell you about a typical day in my circumscribed life!

I was recently on a Zoom call – just a chat time with others and the topic was what brought each of us joy. I was last to share my input so in the meantime, I began jotting down what I was occupying myself with during this mostly stay at home days. Surprisingly, the list got quite long and I didn’t include everything as all the activities I am busy with bring me joy.

For example:

· I watch webinars sponsored by George Washington Mount Vernon Library – they interview authors who have written books either about George Washington, Founding Fathers or other aspects of the world surrounding the Revolutionary War.

· I watch webinars sponsored by Monticello – these webinars discuss different aspects of life and culture during and around Jefferson’s time.

· I watch the National Gallery Museum webinars with curators discussing and showing various periods of art.

· I belong to two Meetups that sponsor classical music – now it is virtual using YouTube.

· I enjoy Zooming with friends and talking on the phone.

· I enjoy nature and try to walk in the park as often as I can. It goes a long way to uplifting my spirits.

· I started doing Qigong again – via Zoom with a teacher and other good sessions via You Tube. This helps to cleanse my organs, stretching and overall balance.

· I belong to 3 cinema clubs! Yes, I like movies. One is strictly foreign films – quite good. I host one of the cinema clubs.

· I belong to 2 book clubs. The one I host doesn’t discuss one book per month. We each discuss books we have read and that we recommend.

· I enjoy my Shamanic clients and stay pleasantly busy providing services e.g., Divination, Extraction, Soul Retrieval and Intro to Shamanism. This too, is all done via Zoom.

· I also practice TM twice a day.

· I enjoy my family when I see them and of course my cat, Jordan!

So, this is how I stay busy and mostly keep my balance and serenity in these unsettling times.

Feel free to share your joy!



Infinite possibilites!

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