• Barbara B

Same ole same ole or time for some changes!

This time of staying home is a great opportunity! I hear different responses to my saying this – some say, “In a way it’s OK”. Some say not having to commute is great, but eventually they need to see people in person- maintain work colleagues and the need to meet new contacts. The person that was sharing that information had a pronounced relaxed attitude. He talked more then I can remember. There wasn’t the usual tenseness and barely smiling or talking. It was a true transformation! (Yes, we were social distancing).

Someone asked me how I was faring during this time and I had to say, my life really hasn’t changed that much. I am still adapting to retirement, so I am enjoying not having to get up early and commute to work. I enjoy not rushing – having my coffee, meditating, listening to sessions that are elevating spiritually. I listen to music a lot during the day and listen or read books. I call or get calls from friends. I have a list of people I call weekly to see how they are – if they need anything. I try to get out and walk – I have really enjoyed watching spring this year – watch the trees budding then leaf out – the flowers blooming – its been a beautiful spring.

This is such a great time for introspection – for growth internally. I watched a short YOU TUBE video this morning (Tea with a Druid) and he said he implemented a “screen-free day”. No computer for a day on Sunday. He said it was great and may add another day, then maybe a whole week!

I hope you all are seeing the good things happening in your life as a result of this enforced quiet time. I see it as a true opportunity on many fronts – time to look at life and see if what was is still something you want in your life now or is it time for new things – new jobs, new location, new friends, new interests?



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