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Updated: Mar 31


Greetings! Since time is not an issue right now, I wanted to share some thoughts. Time seems to be at one point dragging, due to

very restricted mobility. But then again, it surprising to realize it hasn’t been very long since the virus restrictions have intensified locally. It has only been a few weeks!

It is interesting to see the many different ways people are finding to help others e.g., phone calls to those living alone, arranging to pick up prescriptions, FaceTime with friends and family more.

I am trying to find things I am grateful for while trying to stay positive and not complain.

It is wonderful that many are able to telework and if they have children, spend more time with them. However, I realize that may be a challenge all around – too much of a good thing!

I recently retired, which I am glad about especially now – I enjoy sleeping in and spending most of the morning meditating or listening to spiritual-type information.

Efforts I try to do daily (the operative word is “try”) are:

1. Deep breathing throughout the day – its calming (there are good selections on YouTube)

2. Moving my body – I do Qigong – also good selection on YouTube – you can also do aerobics, yoga, dancing – again, check out YouTube

3. Be in nature – get fresh air – enjoy the beauty of Spring - I’m walking outside and enjoying the spring flowers, cherry blossoms and watching the trees bud.

4. Be creative – I am playing with watercolors – not great, but that isn’t important.

5. Listen to as little news as I can – I try to stay informed – but that is all – I don’t watch TV – network news – I don’t even get it. I try to stay calm and peaceful – Fearing something with emotion is like a magnet – brings what you don’t want to you. I try to focus on what I want, not what I don’t want.

6. And lastly, I try to stay in the moment.

It is good that I continue having shamanic clients remotely – I do soul retrieval, extractions, divinations and healing energy work.

More soon...



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