Join me in upcoming Shamanic workshops!


Barbara is an experienced shamanic practitioner, who is deeply connected to nature and masters a broad range of shamanic techniques.

I first met Barbara for a soul retrieval, and I was impressed with her insightful messages and how quickly she got to the bottom of my issues. It was a life changing experience - I have got a better connection to my emotional side, started experiencing life in a more profound way and my relations with people improved as I was able to connect with others emotionally.

I also had an amazing experience of shamanic journeying under Barbara’s guidance, that allowed me to get in touch with my intuitive side in a profound way and get better understanding of what is meant for me and what is not".



The first ZOOM workshop on July 24th 7-9 PM EST, USA will cover:

some background on Shamanism

benefits of practicing the shamanic journey yourself

benefits of finding and using your power animal

learn to journey with an intention

what is Divination and how useful it can be in your life

learn benefits of going beyond the mind – move into altered state through the sound of drumming where there is no time or space.

The second ZOOM workshop on July 25th 7-9 PM EST, USA will cover:

Shamanic journeying with intentions

Depending on the group, a group journey with one intention

Journeying to lower world, middle world, upper world

Attend one or both workshops. It could very possibly open you to a whole new other world(s)! It’s all done safely in a quiet, calm space.

Join me! See you there . . .



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