Easing of Restrictions!

I have been doing well – since I retired, just before the pandemic was in full swing, I acclimated to retirement probably a bit differently than if there had not been lockdown. I am now beginning to break out of my cocoon and look at traveling next year. And I am happy to focus on my morning spiritual practices with no rushing and continue with my Shamanic practice. I don’t do any advertising. I feel that those that are supposed to find me will find me. I do have listings in The Foundation for Shamanic Studies (FSS) and the Society of Shamanic Practice (SSP). I can be found at these websites that provide a description of my services and my website

A note, if you are interested in my Introduction to Shamanism class, it would be beneficial if three or more registered. There is more preparation for this class and it would be practical to have a group participate instead of one person. These will now be in person.

Its good news that restrictions are easing – at least for my NOVA neighborhoods. I actually went out to dinner in the evening – sat outside enjoying the lovely patio. What a treat – it felt almost normal!

This has been quite a long time that might have been an opportunity to look inward, maybe see that some things in your life that needed changing – job, friendships, relative relationships, where you live – geographically. Maybe seeing a need to get another car or partner. All kinds of resets and changes probably occurred and still are occurring and probably will for some time. I think most of it is a good sign. We had time to get off the treadmill – take a break, breathe, smell the roses, spend time in nature, hear the birds, just sit and breathe. And maybe reevaluate.

I spent a good deal of time alone going inward – meditating, being still, spending time at the park. Very simple things, very quiet. I am a quiet person anyway, so the pandemic didn’t really change my lifestyle that much. I also have been enjoying zoom webinars from the museums – learning much more than I would had I physically gone to the museum. Also, took classes early on at no cost enrolling with ivy league schools and learning from full professors from Harvard, Columbia, and Georgetown. I also enjoy three movie clubs I belong to - I host one of them. And I belong to two book clubs, one of which I host. So those activities are enjoyable. When theatres open up more and people start getting anxious to meet in person, that will present a new set of questions – stop some activities entirely on zoom, do some zoom and some in person activities. These questions are not coming up at these functions and well as several meetup music group I belong to. Instead of previously being just local people participating, now people from anyway sign up for the meetup music events – some from other states or countries.

The down side is not moving enough - sitting too much. I do Qigong (similar to Tai Chi) from YouTube sessions. That helps with stretching, organ cleansing, balancing and moving energy (chi). I want to go to Scotland next year so really need to get in better physical shape so I can do some serious walking

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