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The Journey

After The Soul Leaves The Body

Have you ever wondered what happens when someone you know dies?

Have you wondered where the soul goes?

Have you ever wondered what happens to you when you take your last breath?

Most of us have these questions.

Some of us think a lot about this. Some are afraid of dying.

Some of us don’t think a lot about it except maybe when someone we know dies.

I have been interested in these questions for some time. Years ago I bought The Egyptian Book of the Dead. Another time, I was drawn to buying The Tibetan Book of the Dead. Both books deal with death, dying and the after death experience.

Many Books have been written about what happens – Journey of Souls by Michael Newton, Ph.D., Life after Death: The Book of Answers, by Deepak Chopra. 
There are many that have retold their near death experiences.

Most have commonalities – seeing a white light, relatives that have gone before appear, a feeling of blissful love.

I accompany the soul after it leaves the body. I am a Dreamwalker – the soul isn’t alone. I am a silent companion.

Dreamwalking isn’t new – many ancient cultures performed death care and after death care.

Dreamwalking is a safe way to understand dying and the journey afterwards.

As a Dreamwalker I am quietly, lovingly, listening, always being there with my balanced presence, with my light, and always being available. As a silent presence and guide, I am witness to the soul as it traverses the near Earth realms and beyond, if it chooses. I am there to maintain a sense of energy balance. Even if they get lost along the way, or get confused along the way, they know that I am the one steady and the one sure thing that they have throughout their entire transformation back to the angelic realms.

If the soul chooses to continue the journey and reach the final destination, I accompany them to the final destination – the Bridge of Flowers. They proceed to cross the bridge and reunite with their true spiritual family. At this level the soul has the option of reincarnating and definitely has a leg up the “spiritual ladder”. This is a true gift.

The journey can take from one to two weeks. I would devote some time every day and connect with them and after each contact I enter the soul’s experiences in a journal. This kind of journey is unique to each soul – unique to their life.

Walk along with me now; on a journey . . . there is a path, the path of the Anastazi . . .

Mary was very ill on Sunday. The next day I received a text saying her soul had left the body. I had known Mary and felt guided to try to connect (on the inner planes) and see if Mary would like me to accompany her on her journey on the other side of the veil. I did connect with her and she agreed. I then would devote approximately an hour a day to tune in to Mary and see how she was doing, where she was, what experiences she was having. 

The newly departed soul usually stays in the near Earth realms - I didn’t see too much the first time, it was vague – just saw tumbling – she was a ball next to a wall or membrane. The next session, I saw her sitting at a table crying. The next night she was staying close by a friend who was not in good health. She spent time in her house – went to see her family. She also began to realize she could create instantly. She created a convertible car – a red convertible and I saw her driving off – she was fulfilling a dream.


Then I saw a house with a swimming pool – Mary was enjoying that – she was enjoying thinking and having it appear immediately. She created a body for herself. She went to the church where she was very involved. All this was done in a matter of minutes – there is no time or space on the “other side.”
After attending her memorial service, she was ready to move on to the astral plane. Here she flew over what she “saw” - a large city.

She tried connecting with some people, some relatives, but that didn’t work, so she created a huge greenhouse and healing center. These were areas she was passionate about in her life.
When I rejoined her the greenhouse and healing center seemed to become blurry and vague, I sensed she was ready to continue on the path through the next door (the 3rd of 4). We moved through the 3rd door to the crystalline realm – this realm is beyond words and thoughts – beyond beautiful and bliss. I thought she may linger awhile here and was prepared to return, however, I again sensed to was ready to move on.
We entered the fourth and final door to the Bridge of Flowers- Words are not adequate to describe the love, bliss – the love emanating from the angels to Mary. Once Mary crossed the bridge she reunited with her true Angelic Family – All is light and glory. A truly wondrous moment.

There are really no words that can describe this – just sit quietly and feel into it, bask in the love and beauty.
It is a true honor to accompany the soul on its journey after it has completed its sojourn on the earth.

If this touches you and is something you want to provide to someone you know that is ending their earth experience, please contact me. If this is something that you are interested in for yourself, please contact me.

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