Testimonial 1

I have known Barbara for a few years now and know that she is a wonderful Shaman. Just how much I admired and treasured her skills were brought home to me when I sought her help on 2 recent occasions.

My nephew who was just 18. passed away after a long struggle with cancer. His death was a shock, because the family were beginning to feel hopeful, when suddenly he transitioned when non of his family members were around him. He obviously had had enough of the strong drugs being administered to him.

A couple of years later, he appeared in dreams as being very sad, his eyes and lips drooping in weird ways. He said he was not happy. I realized that he was not in a good place. I immediately requested Babs to see what was going on with him. She reported back that on leaving his body he had been sabotaged and taken to a dark and sinister place and he could not get away. Babs told him she could help - IF HE WISHED HER TO DO SO and would come back to find out what he wanted to do. Fred was ready to leave and Babs along with her power animals she had taken along for their protection, left the netherworld. Fred is now home. His smiling face appears before my eyes as I write this testimonial, and I know all is well with him.

Testimonial 2

The other time I turned to Babs was when my elderly aunt transition. She had suffered from dementia and loneliness. Hired help were the only ones should would allos to care for her. A month or so after her passing I kept getting recurring thoughts of her. I asked Babs if she would find her and say hello. Babs found her curled up in a fetal ball not knowing what had happened. Babs told her she could help her go to the light, if so so desired. Goo wanted to, and over the course of some days Babs gently guided her to the higher dimensions, until she found the place where she wanted to linger. It is very satisfying to know that through Babs I could be of small service to my loved ones, and such a vital service is available. FV

Testimonial 3

I lost my aunt quite suddenly and somehow I had a terrible feeling she had not moved on. She was very attached to her family and the sudden departure was completely unexpected. I was introduced to Barbara through a dear friend After a short consult, she agreed to help my aunt. As she was working with my aunt I became very interested in Shamanism and she helped me learn how to journey. My aim was to make contact with my aunt. Over a few weeks, Barbara worked with my aunt and gave me regular updates. With her help my aunt finally broke free and moved to a better place and was at peace. Through journeying Barbara helped me make contact with my aunt. I was an amazing experience! The first thing my aunt did was to thank me for having sent Barbara to her. She said she was scared, frustrated and had no idea what to do. She was stuck and did not know how to break free. Barbara through her sessions helped show her the way for which my aunt was very grateful. She asked me to convey her thanks. I would never have known this had I not had an opportunity to speak to her. I don't believe there is a higher testament this this I think Barbara is truly blessed and the work she does is special and very important. Thank you Barbara - Naaz


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