My interest in the esoteric began in the ‘90s with books “falling off the shelf in the bookstore". The books were Way of the Shaman by Michael Harner and Soul Retrieval by Sandra Ingerman, to name a few. I began taking a course in Hands on Healing in Asheville, NC. There I learned to “see” inside the body and see the organs and communicate with them. I learned to open the chakras and balance any imbalances in the body.

During that same period, I completed a Celtic Shaman school over a 2-year period. Taught by Tom Cowan, Ph.D. I learned: shamanic journeying; how to shape shift; commune with entities on the inner planes; Extractions; Soul Retrieval; Divination; to name a few. I am a Celtic Shamanic Practitioner. 


After moving to Colorado in 2007, I took some advanced shamanic work in Boulder with Ann Drucker and studied herbology with Ann. I have resumed taking a herbology correspondence course offered by Rosemary Gladstar entitled The Science & Art of Herbology.


After returning to the Washington, DC area I have been studying with Jim Self for 6 years of intensive study with a spiritual program called Mastering Alchemy. There are weekly downloads that focus on ascension and becoming an enlightened being. Various Archangels and Ascended Masters are channeled via Joan Walker who are teaching and guiding us through various initiations in our spiritual journey. I am currently renewing my involvement with Crimson Circle.


I have intense training in Dream Walking. The school I attended was channeled by Adamus St. Germaine, sponsored by the Crimson Circle from Colorado. The course enables me to be a Dream Walker, a silent companion to the soul who has transitioned to the other side of the veil. Moving through the various “doors”, the soul can reach a higher spiritual plane – it doesn’t get stuck on the lower astral planes.  I feel guided to perform that service.